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The A3 Printer And Its Effect On Printing

April 29, 2017 - admin - Digital Printing - 392 views

The A3 Printer And Its Effect On Printing
a3 printerWith most printers, one can only expect a certain amount of quality, at least when compared to a photograph that was developed in the traditional way. In fact, most professional photographers try to stay away from the digital camera for various reasons, but with technology advancing as fast as it is, they’re beginning to trust them more. And with the help of an A3 printer, even printed photographs (as opposed to developed) are gaining popularity.

With most printers, you can buy a special type of photography paper in order to print out higher quality photos. But the fact still remains that a printer has only so much capacity for quality. When you consider that a printer is using ink (which blends, bleeds, runs, etc.), it’s understandable why developing photos will always come out clearer (since developing uses the pinpoint accuracy of light).

That’s where an A3 printer may come in handy. The problem with A3 printers in the past is that they were too expensive. Even the bigger photography corporations didn’t like to use them because standard development fees were still cheaper. Either that or they stuck with the smaller, less impressive A4 version, which got the job done, but at a lower quality.

But now prices for them are at an all time low, which gives them reason to make huge gains in the photography world. They’re still quite large and still quite expensive, but their quality has been statistically unmatched. On top of that, they have new designs that fit the needs of just about anyone. There are printers that are still corporate-quality with the enormous ink cartridges and laser-print feeds but there are also the home office style printers that come equipped with a fax machine.

What makes them so unique is their ability to deliver quality over a vast range of sizes. The biggest problem with pixel-based images (which is how a printer prints, of course) is that the bigger you make the picture, the lower the quality is going to be. You can be guaranteed only so much quality if the pixel ratio is a certain number. Printers are limited in almost the exact same way and each printer has a certain number associated with how many pixels per inch it can print out.

The initial design for these printers was for poster-sized printing, using a pixel ratio so dense that it was capable of printing life-like quality images from the typical size of a poster to anything smaller.

So even though the typical A3 printer is still more expensive than it should be, they’ve dropped in price significantly. They’re just as (if not more) reliable as they’ve always been and their quality has never been better. They can be used in almost any scenario from the home office to large photography/printing corporations and they’re making their way in the industry as the leading choice for photograph development. It’s only a matter of time before they do away with dark rooms and photo labs completely.


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