double station sublimation heat transfer paper press machine

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Mug printing machine Feature :

1. 2pcs mugs can making at one time .
2. The mug prining machine can suitable 5 different shapes mugs .
3. Independent switch design ( The left switch controls the left side of mug heater . the right switch controls the       right side of mug heater )
4. Fast making time  ( 170 degree ,30 seconds )
5. Very Easy to operate .
5. high quality with very competitive price .
6. Original factory of the mug heat press machine ST-210 .
7. Compact and lightweight of ST-210 Mug printing machine  ..Easy to ship by air  .

How it works ?
  • 1. Get image from camara or cell phone
  • 2.print out by an inkjet printer with sublimation ink and sublimation paper.
  • 3. Use the heat tape stick printed picture on the substrate like mugs,
  • 4. set temperature and time on the machine and preheat
  • 5. after preheating, put substrate in and start time countdown.
  • 6. after some mins, a beautiful DIY mugs comes out.